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Burn The Brightest (Storm Moon Press)
Although the anthology won't be out until October 31st, Storm Moon Press have posted a few samples from the Cast the Cards anthology on their website, one of which is from a story of mine, Burn The Brightest.

"Burn The Brightest" use the idea of the fool both in common understanding (someone who acts in a way they see as unwise) and in the definition given in the tarot (confronting one's fears and taking risks).

Edith, a young lecturer at the University of Maryland, has a long-standing rule that she never gets involved with any active duty military personnel, whether as a friend or as a lover. But when her best friend, Tara, talks her into attending a beach barbeque with Tara's boyfriend's navy unit, Edith meets Jo, who'll cause her to consider what she really wants, and face the consequences of letting herself have it.

Read the excerpt

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