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Cobblestone Press: Snowstorm
Snowstorm comes out next week! 22nd December, to be exact, and I can't wait. It's my first published story featuring a woman as well as two men, and I love my girl Lucy so much - she's hot, she's in total control, and she's so much fun.

Plus, it has the most gorgeous cover

If you like Lucy as much as I do, download a free desktop background by clicking the thumbnail below - definitely not safe for work!

When air force captains, Lucy Gardner and Adam Thomas, are trapped by a snowstorm and end up bunking with an attractive colonel, a game of poker quickly develops into something a lot less air force approved, and a lot more naked. They all assume it's a one-off... Until Adam and Lucy run into Chris again at a ski lodge, where Chris' Dom side meets Adam's submissive, and things get a little hotter, and a lot heavier.

Buy it now from Cobblestone Press

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